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Our Virtual Network Offerings

Rail Employer Resources for the Next Generation: Chapter 1: What are you doing?

Rail Employers Resources for the Next Generation

(5 part mini-series)

Quick Tips: Learn what the next generation wants in a career, and update your job descriptions accordingly. This is your opportunity to "sell" your ideas, career, and company vs. your competitors. Its okay to be different. Get Social.
Quick Tips: Show up, and keep showing up for candidates. Be positive and present with your best foot forward in recruiting. Your brand is represented by recruiters and should emulate the traits you wish to recruit for your company.

Where are we going next?

Just like you, we are hungry for success. We are out promoting opportunities about the rail industry each and every day.

You company should be a part of that promotion...


Join us today so you do not miss out on these opportunities to share your great jobs with our talent community across the country.

We are currently observing COVID-19 travel restrictions, however are still connecting with our networks virtually.

Upcoming Events:

  • Arizona State Univeristy Virtual Career Fair

  • BYU Asia Pacific Conference

  • Keystone College Career Fair

  • Outback Railroad Association Meeting 

  • Cornell University Site-Visit

  • Hiring our Heroes DC Capital One Arena Event 

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  • ESGR Signing Ceremonies at the Pentagon

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