Gold Tier

Gold Tier


Welcome to the Gold Tier. A representative from SPRING will present your job opportunities at career fairs nationwide, reaching hundreds of veterans and their spouses. You will receive a list of candidate's contact information and a report from the recruiter upon the completion of each recruiting event attended for that year. The number of events attended is determined by the amount of members in our employer network, whereas the maximum events to be attended is 12 per calendar year. A percentage of your purchase will go to a donation of the non-profit organization, the American Legion. We are proud to have you with us and appreciate your dedicated support in driving our mission to success. 


This tier includes:



• Company in Career Catalog (CC) on Recruiting Table

• Handout materials, and other brand/ logo information include on banners & booth materials

• Up to 8 jobs within the CC

• Report regarding candidate interest of each event attended, including further outreach information and any resumes submitted & social media pushes for veteran jobs highlighted on partnering communication lists and websites 

• 1 year duration of availability & certificate of committment to veteran recruiting from SPRING



*Please note, candidates are not garanteed. Events per year will vary depending on employer support.