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Ballast, Ties, Rails! We all know we couldn't have a rail system and network without the strong steel rails supporting our freight above!

Get all the benefits of the talent package, but add in training opportunities to strengthen your workplaces knowledge and communication as a team!


This program comes packed with opportunities. In this package you receive:

  • One on-site planning dicussion regarding succession planning with your team,
  • 1 day of 8 hr rules training course with KTT Rail experts (optional)
  • 12-24+ full days of SPRING on-site building you a Mentorship training program that comes complete with a program guide for new hires follow to get to know your company and property 
  • Travel for all instructors and experts will be billed directly and separately from this package


You can vary this package if you perform your training internally, you can begin your journey with SPRING for the New Hire and Mentorship program separately

Join SPRING today to start your succession planning adventure! 

SPRING Mentorship New Hire and Mentorship Program (with or without rules class)