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What does SPRING do?

1. Provide immediate and/or long term recruiting solutions for employers

2. Build custom New Hire & Mentorship programs to help retain that talent 

3. Expand Depart of Labor (DOL) National Registered Apprenticeship         programs for Rail Industry Employers (free service)

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A Word from the President

How do students, young professionals, and veterans get involved in the railroad industry, in general, if they do not have any knowledge that career paths for them exists as a viable career option?


As a second generation railroader, I grew up with the sounds of my father's scanner in the background and understanding the proper whistle sequences at crossings, but what about all those that don't have that advantage, that familiarization, that mentor?

With experience in both Class I to Short Line railroads and their supplier networks, there is a common trend emerging in our workforce; the need for succession planning. As our employees begin to utilize their well-earned retirements and competitive markets continue to threaten to our candidate pools, we need to do something now to take charge of our future company employee outlook and development. That is why we created SPRING.


SPRING focuses on two main goals; attract talent and retain talent for railroad and rail-related supplier companies. We aim to be the exchange place for candidate and employers alike in our industry as well as the leading resource for innovative retention strategies. 

These two components go hand in hand. Recruiting and retention paired together with the help of industry partnerships, will further establish and emulate a family-like assimilation process into the industry that all interested candidates can participate within. Then, our industry can finally start successfully recruiting in pools we have not yet ventured and grow our networks for the future.

We already have over 37 colleges, trade schools. veteran organizations, and universities supporting our mission, and we hope you will take advantage of this great stage we are building to put our industry back on the maps as a viable and fruitful career option for all. We want more women, more veterans, more talent to know about our opportunities, therefore we have an innovative way to promote your job opportunities that has never been done on this scale before for our industry. We welcome you to join us for either recruiting, retention programs, or both. 


Did you know that according to the Railroad Retirement Board Annual Railroad Retirement Act and Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act data, the projected retirement eligible population in 2019 was 48.4%?


In 2011, the Federal Railroad Administration conducted a Railroad Industry Modal Profile An Outline of the Railroad Industry Workforce Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities. Within this data gathered from labor unions, class Is, short lines, trade associations and other key players in the rail industry, they identified that the increasing age of baby boomers in the active labor force continues to be a major concern nationally.

To offset these concerns, let's plan ahead for the future, and it all starts here with SPRING.

Let us know how we can help you start your succession planning journey today,

Thank you for your support and consideration,

Michele Malski

Founder and President of Succession Planning for Railroads Investing in the Next Generation (SPRING)



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