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What is a Registered Apprenticeship?


The Registered Apprenticeship is a unique, flexible training system that combines job related technical instruction with structured on-the-job learning experiences.*
These programs are beneficial for civilians and veterans alike and can unlock many benefits for an employer that participates. Signing up for an apprenticeship is free to establish.
This year with our partners at FASTPORT, an established intermediary of the DOL, we are expanding apprenticeships into the rail industry.
If you have a training program for any career right now, you may already have an apprenticeship, its just not registered yet. There are many benefits to registering for an apprenticeship including unlocking the eligibility for Monthly Housing allowances for veterans (additional monthly income for your trainees), tax credits for employers and veterans (in certain states), tuition reimbursement for training (in certain states), and solidifying your training as a nationally recognized credential.  
To qualify, you must have these 3 key elements:
  • Have a paid progression career path available
  • Be an Equal Opportunity employer and have a way to hire or fire through these methods
  • Offer on the job training opportunities
We already have national standards started to Signal Maintainer, conductor, welder, and many more. If you would like to take advantage of these programs already in place, connect with us today. We can help you get your apprenticeship started right away.
A little bit more about the Registered Apprenticeship Program:

Each Registered Apprenticeship is approved by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and is a paid job that focuses on training candidates to become experts in their field. On-the-job focused training allows the best candidates to become masters of their crafts in a wide variety of careers across the country. Employers and job seekers benefit from apprenticeship because it is considered the “gold standard” for talent development.

*Sources: National Apprenticeship  DOL Apprenticeship 


Components of an Apprenticeship (based on employer's needs)

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