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We provide short and long term solutions

Our recruiting services include:

  • Temporary employees (we hire, then invoice you weekly for their hours)

  • Direct hires (Full time employees directly to your team)

  • Contractual college & other concentrated recruiting effort

About our recruiting team:

SPRING has a unique partnership with NVT Staffing, a woman owned small business and a top staffing firm in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. With SPRING, NVT Staffing specializes in providing industry specific temporary, temp-to-hire, and permanent placement employees.  With innovative online services our clients are able to place a job order, monitor placement status, approve employee hours, and review billing history. Whether a client is looking for direct hires to temporary to permanent placements, we can provide the resumes, interviews, background checks, hiring assistance, and payroll accommodations for their unique needs in this industry.


"NVT Staffing is a quality, ethical, and progressive company that values the importance of succession planning, just like we do at SPRING. They are a family owned and operated, which resonates with us and our entrepreneurial minded industry from Class Is and short line railroads to independent suppliers. Being a fellow woman owned small business, we appreciate their dedication to women leadership," says President of SPRING, Michele Malski.


We are connected with over 35 colleges, tech schools, and veteran-based communities within our network and through our partners. It's easy to set up a long lasting relationship with our communities for your future pipeline!


We are invited to hiring events across the nation to connect with candidates. We would love to enhance your recruiting efforts to do just that, connect you with candidates using our established network.

We work with your company to complement and extend your outreach and brand recognition with focus and direction. 

We offer veteran and women focused recruiting or custom target recruiting as requested

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