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Let's Grow your Team with Talent

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We search for a specific candidate

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We help you become an active veteran recruiter

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We set up sustainable and localized recruiting efforts for your team


Our energy and passion for the rail industry is unmatched. We will work with your team to ensure we find the right fit for your future workplace. Whether you need us to promote your opportunities for an immediate need or are looking to cultivate a longer commitment -- built on fostering relationships with certain communities for your brand, we have options for everyone looking to grow their team of talent.

Our Solutions:

  • Specific Selection: Bring us in, and we will be your trusted foxhound for talent. All we need is the scent, and we will track our network and community for the talent you seek. Provide a job description for the specific needs and essential functions of the career path and we will begin our selection journey for your team.

  • Veterans: We can hire veterans exclusively with our newest program or branch called HERE - Hiring Exchange for Railroad - Industry Employers. Just simply buy one of the four possible membership options for the year and we will represent your job descriptions at events we attend such as Hiring our Heroes, VFW, American Legion, and other on-base career fairs nationwide. We intend to go to twelve events a year, however this varies on the membership pool for the year.  Be present, be an ACTIVE military hiring employer, and BE HERE with your jobs for your veterans and transitioning military with our program.


  • Contract Based Recruiting: A more defined recruiting effort where you tell us where you need people and we set up a recruiting effort where our railroad knowledgeable team goes to tech schools, colleges, high schools and other career events within a given regionalized area. We would act as your recruiting arm to promote your job openings and strengthen your brand recognition on a contractual basis within a specific area. This is key when establishing a sustainable and lasting community link  and localized pipeline of talent for your team.

More about us:

We love the rail industry and take pride in our employers. We are building a bridge of opportunities for students, job seekers, and other candidates so that they can find a pathway to our great careers within our industry.

We are already connected with over 30 colleges, tech schools, and veteran-based communities within our network and through our partners. It's easy to set up a long lasting relationship with our communities for your future pipeline!
We are invited to hiring events across the nation to connect with candidates. We would love to enhance your recruiting efforts to do just that, connect you with candidates using our established network.

We work with your company to complement and extend your outreach and brand recognition with focus and direction. 

We support our active and retired military men and women, and have signed the Employer Support Commitment for the Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR).

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