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There are 3 main ways we can help your team grow for the future.

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Direct Hire



Target Market



Direct Hire Option


We are your candidate bloodhounds. Once we get our MSA signed and fully executed, provide the job description and a main point of contact with your team so that we can understand the goals and needs for the career (and potential interview participation later). We will source and pre-vet candidates for a specific role that needs to be filled. When we find someone you just can't live without, then you hire them and 30 days later we will invoice for our services. This is a one time commission based placement service fee of starting salary. We offer a team building guarantee period to ensure our candidate is the right fit for your culture. We also offer a loyalty program for Direct Hires, where our commission rate decreases the more your hire with us, as a thank you for your loyalty to our services and supporting a woman-owned business and DBE. We stand behind our services.


This solution is best for managerial or very technical positions.

Target Market


Think of this option as a time focused geographical or market specific (i.e. Veterans only) focus.


We can set up a radius of recruiting for a specific area (a location before or after an acquisition or in a hard to reach/recruit area, for example) or a specific focus (such as veteran hiring for 6 months or 12 months) for your team for a set amount of time and be your boots on the ground recruiting team.


Whether we shoot for a 6 month or 2 year plan, we will be your recruiting extension within local schools, bases, events, and other means so that communities understand that your company is a viable and active employer in the area. We help you build your brand and pipeline in a set target for the future and hand you the connections and keys at the end of our contract.​

This is a great option for grassroots recruiting and setting up your trust and brand within a community when you need the extra recruiting muscle. We are here to help act as your ambassadors.

Retainer Solutions


Want the SPRING experts assimilated with your team for big growth? This option is for you.

This is the most cost-effective method for larger or more consistent recruiting needs.


Bring us in on the careers that you need help with the most in quantity and we will source candidates for certain entry level careers such as track laborers, conductors, MOW crews, welders and more. We dedicate time each week to your openings exclusively and work hand-in-hand with your recruiting or operations teams during the recruiting process. Let us take the guesswork out of the sourcing, vetting, pre-screening and recruiting part so that you can focus on the bigger items.


We will vet candidates based on your job description requirements, provide summaries of qualified candidate screenings to the area leaders, and then set up the interviews with your team for those you'd like to pursue.


This solution is a set monthly fee which is based on how many hires we need a month, does not have any commission (unless it falls under a management or technical position), and we set our key performance indicators (KPIs) with you directly so that we all know the expectations. If we exceed our plan, we will invoice an incentive fee for those additional hires.


We can assist in enhancing your job descriptions as well, at your request.

This is an effective method as we work in unison with your team to conquer any needs or gaps in hiring for a certain occupation until we close the gap(s).

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